Welcome Tilman from Düsseldorf

Name: Tilman Henschke Internship Period: January 15th – June 15th 2018 Department: Consultancy Services & Membership, Events and Communication Motto: “It is always good to be a little brak!” – S.B. Tell us about your home town and university Düsseldorf is a modern city located along the Rhine River and the capital of the state North-Rhine Westphalia. It is famous for its art and fashion scene … Continue reading Welcome Tilman from Düsseldorf

An Internship with GTCC: Your Gateway to an International Career

Name: Marvin Woischnik-Lange Department: Membership, Events & Communication Internship Period: 6 February – 16 May 2017 Driven by a compulsory internship within an international business environment during the third year of my studies, I pursued the opportunity to support the Membership, Events & Communication Department at the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) in Bangkok from 6 February 2017 to 26 May 2017. GTCC allowed me to delve … Continue reading An Internship with GTCC: Your Gateway to an International Career

Welcome Esra from Frankfurt

Name: Esra Emily Kokesch Department: Consultancy Services Internship Period: 01. September – 30. November 2017 Motto: “Take the risk or lose the chance” Why did you choose the Consultancy department? What do you expect from your internship with GTCC? I chose the consultancy department because I like being in direct contact with people or customers and I really like to do some research and preparing … Continue reading Welcome Esra from Frankfurt

Welcome Katharina from Frankfurt

Name: Katharina Michèle Schröder Department: Memberships, Event & Communications Internship Period: 01 September – 30 November 2017 Motto: “Life makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn.” Tell us about your hometown and the region My hometown Frankfurt in Germany is a big city, but not as big as Bangkok. It is an important metropolis, especially for bankers … Continue reading Welcome Katharina from Frankfurt

My New Experience at GTCC Young Professionals Event

Only two weeks after the beginning of my internship I was invited to moderate the GTCC Young Professionals Event on “New Business Models for a Healthy Lifestyle” together with my Thai college Don.  Don and I conducted a live interview with two successful entrepreneurs in the field of health products and services in front of over 100 participants. They gave insight into the current trends … Continue reading My New Experience at GTCC Young Professionals Event

Welcome Sue from Groitzsch!

Name: Thuy Duong Nguyen (Sue) Department: Membership, Events and Communication Department Internship Period: 01.07. – 31.08.2017 Motto: Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. (Walt Whitman) What are your expectations from an internship with GTCC? Why did you choose to do your internship in Thailand, not Vietnam? When I was 16, I had a long-stay experience in another … Continue reading Welcome Sue from Groitzsch!

Welcome Lucie from Erfurt!

Name: Lucie Honner Department: Consultancy Services Internship Period: 01 August – 31 October 2017 Motto: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry What are your first impressions of Thailand/Bangkok? Bangkok is unbelievably big and chaotic, but somehow a structure exists within this chaos. For example, on the one hand, … Continue reading Welcome Lucie from Erfurt!