My 4 months of awesome experiences

Name: Laurenz Leander Drescher
Internship period: 1 September – 31 December 2016
Department:  Membership, Event & Communications Department


My GTCC experience

When starting a new internship, surely, you want to make a great first impression, like, “Hi, I’m the new intern, eager to learn and enthusiastic for the job!” Especially in a foreign country, you want to give yourself cosmopolite, appreciate the culture, show your best manners and look appropriately dressed. Because “the first impression is everything”, that’s what every career blog normally teaches you.

Let me tell you this: When I first walked into the GTCC office, I was two hours late, because I ridiculously underestimated the traffic in Bangkok. My shirt and pants were wet, because I had to run the last kilometer to the office and then I mistook the Head of the Membership, Event & Communications Department (my new boss) for the Deputy Executive Director’s secretary!!

The reaction of the team members was as caring as they were amused, and that’s what I experienced throughout my whole internship in the Membership, Events & Communications Department: support, great supervision, trust and a lot of fun.

As a Communications intern, you get the chance to try yourself in a lot of related fields. You can propose your own social media campaign (GTCC Facebook with more than 5,000 Likes) or you can write articles for the print publication “UPDATE magazine“. If you are more into event organizing, you can join a lot of events and develop ideas for future activities. In the membership section, you can suggest new marketing strategies, how to attract more members or how to get the current ones more involved.

Sure, in this department, there are some certain tasks every intern has to deal with, such as news monitoring, website updating or researching for other staff members. But those things will give you a detailed insight into the organization which you need, in order to enhance your own ideas.

Personally, I was able to achieve every goal I set prior to the internship. I wrote a lot for GTCC’s publications, I helped improve the website and organize an event for the GTCC Young Professionals (GTCCYP). The only downside I have to mention is that there is no reward in the form of money which might direct you through some rougher times during your internship. It would be great to see this kind of appreciation in the future.

Nevertheless, as an intern, it is fascinating to discover that the staff not only listens to every idea you have – they try to support you to make it reality! This internship can be truly everything you want it to be.

aka “The Awesome” (-staff edit 😃 )


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