“Muay Thai” note to myself: Keep yourself covered!

After having practiced Muay Thai in Germany for a year, I pursued my intentions to reinvigorate my skills in Thailand, where I could learn from the best – I thought so.

So I teamed up with Rubiga, whom I know from my University, and Julia, who lives in my apartment complex in Bangkok. We went to 66 Urban Boxing, a gym which is situated just next to the Empire Tower (where GTCC is located now, but the office is moving soon!) and happens to be one of the cheapest I could find via the internet.

My first Muay Thai session gave me a near-death experience. Not because the instructors were especially brutal or any the like, but simply due to my poor stamina. Afterwards I felt a certain contentment with the pain that accompanied the aftermath of every session.

This reminded me that I had not done enough sports during my studies (to be honest: it was hardly any sports). However, now I was on the upgrade, and I furthermore felt less and less outgunned when practicing with the Thai instructors. I should add at this point that I am still (and probably will be for a long time) far from competitive to these guys, concerning the peripheral priority of sports to myself. Nevertheless, I enjoy the training at the gym ever more, although it gets a little harder and more advanced each time.


Yesterday, for instance, the instructors decided to include me into their sparring session at the end of the training. Since aforementioned abundant stamina and my reassuring friends were motivating me (hint: one of those two reasons might not be correct), I accepted and sparred. I could tell of course that my opponent fought with probably less than one third of his ability. However, I enjoyed it and got more courage over time and landed some good jabs and punches. After an eternity of maybe two minutes, my arms became really heavy and I thought I could use my body height to dodge the instructor’s punches while resting my arms a little.

Well, evidence shows that this was not the case and I caught some lovely hooks to the chest which rendered me more or less useless and so this session was finished for me. However, it was not as gruesome as it sounds as the instructors always make sure that you are alright.

Anyway, after all, Muay Thai comes with various benefits: next to getting fit and fighting the workday´s physical immobility, these sessions are valuable life lessons on initial theory vs. practice as well.

I strongly recommend it. Don’t forget to keep yourself covered. – Tim



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