Welcome Leonie from Gehlenbeck

GTCC Department: Consultancy Services
Internship Period: 1 April – 30 June
Motto: Happiness depends upon ourselves

Why did you choose to come to Thailand & do an internship at GTCC?

I chose to do my internship in Bangkok at GTCC because it is a perfect opportunity to experience a completely different culture. I have never been to Southeast Asia before, so it is a new, interesting environment to live in. I decided to apply for an internship instead of being a tourist as it is believed that you can immensely get the impressions of a country, its people and culture while working.

Tell us about your hometown!

My hometown is a small village, called Gehlenbeck, in the middle of Germany. Hanover is the nearest big city, which counts around 500.000 inhabitants and can be reached by car in about one hour. The only thing my region is known for is its flat landscape because there are no mountains at all. I never really recognized this fact until I went to Heidelberg for my studies.

Heidelberg is located in the south of Germany and is surrounded by mountains. So when I arrived in Heidelberg, firstly I had to learn how to deal with all the jokes about the “flat” north of Germany. I have been living in Heidelberg for four years and I don’t want to miss it. Heidelberg is the perfect mixture between a beautiful old town, nature like a river and mountains around and a lot of different places, where students can meet up.

What did you do before you came here?

As I mentioned before, I studied in Heidelberg before starting my internship at the GTCC. I had a great time. During my studies in Economics, I took part in an exchange program with a university in Madrid, Spain. I lived and studied in Madrid for half a year and tried to understand the Spanish culture and the language of course. Since my roommates were from Ecuador and Ireland, it was an awesome intercultural experience.

What´s the best mistake you have ever made?

One of my best mistake, I made a few years ago. I planned a trip to Portugal with some friends of mine. We decided that the best way to go there is by plane. So we searched for a flight and everybody booked it – except me. I was a little bit too lazy to do it immediately and after a few days no seats were left. The other flights were a way too expensive, which means that I had to go by train and bus. It took me almost three days, but it was a great journey through France and Spain, where I met a lot of very nice people on my way.


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