Welcome Timo from Butjadingen

GTCC Department: Membership, Event & Communications
Internship Period: 24 April – 25 August 2017
Motto: Follow your heart, but do not lose your head!

Tell us about your hometown?

Hi! While describing my place of birth, I need to admit that basically it would not be like “town”. Considering roughly 500 inhabitants it should rather be called village. Exactly there appears one advantage of this way to grow up. Being surrounded by a familiar environment meant a lot to me and encouraged me to open myself for new challenges. The location quite close to the seaside represents another benefit. In order to swim or take a boat trip you would just spend around five minutes by bike. With the German map in mind, you can find my home on the top between cities, such as Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg. To sum up, it’s a big attraction for tourists – named Butjadingen and – symbolizes for me a feeling of holiday nowadays when I temporarily get back.

What did you do before you came here?

After my final school graduation, I decided to start with an apprenticeship as a forwarding agent in a small-medium sized company. The firm has been in charge of producing transport routes for any kind of goods within Europe. Also caused by my strong devotion for organizing, I gained plenty of valuable experiences but went on for studying. Business Administration with majoring logistics has been the following step.

During this significant period of my life, I worked in the sales department of a European leading ticketing company, which mainly deals with several forms of events. Meanwhile, a semester abroad in Estonia improved my English skills, increased being keen on cultural differences and changed my perception crucially. To combine theoretical knowledge from university, the gap year between Bachelor and Master’s degree turned out as my next target. Finally, an internship in supply chain management took place before I luckily obtained the horizon broadening chance in Thailand at GTCC.

Why did you choose AHK Thailand (GTCC) & this department?

Already in earlier years and even supported by previous employers, it continuously grew the pursuit to take part in international trade. Highly appreciated, I encountered the internship offers of chambers all over the world. Since I have focused on exploring Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, it was clear from the desire that it will lead to an application for Bangkok.

The department of Membership, Events and Communication preserved my curiosity quickly. Referring to supplier or venue relation management, gaining more insights in events and according communication matched my current expectations of fulfillment. Additionally I have read on GTCC Intern’s world about the inspiring team, its tasks and the possibilities of raising skills in several ways.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Apart from not really feeling comfortable in talking deeply about my ups, one of my strengths might be the communication skills. Wherever I have been employed in sales or logistics environment, the community I have accompanied by told me that I would be good at dealing with people or disseminating information – by either written or oral communications. When it comes to foreign cultures or behaviors, I additionally like to jump into them. Even though Bangkok might be totally different to all places I have been before, I am already familiar with high traffic or heat. Generally, it requires organization, but exactly that belongs to one of my favorite passions in private as well as occupational context.

One downside of my attributes probably is equivalent to my diverse interests. Thus, I could lose the track. Briefly speaking, sometimes I need to focus more on specific subjects in order to achieve a certain target. Unfortunately as a last remark, I am not able to understand the Thai language (yet). To get the basic meaning out of it would be worth it and could help in various situations during the daily life.


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