Welcome Malte from Paderborn

Name: Malte Hischemöller
Department: Consultancy Services
Internship Period: 2 May – 31 July 2017
Motto: “Never underestimate the power of your mind to boost your happiness.”

What did you do before you came here?

Before I came to Thailand, I finished my last ordinary semester in International Economics and Management at the University of Paderborn. Currently, I write my master thesis about the impacts of foreign direct investments on the host country`s economy. Furthermore, I compare the development process of Thailand and South Korea. Therefore, the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce is a perfect place to connect the theory with practical experience. However, the topic of my master thesis is not the only reason why I wanted to come back to Thailand again. I used to study in Bangkok as part of a semester abroad program from 2013-2014 and at that time I was already fascinated by Thailand`s relaxing culture, beautiful landscapes and vibrant nightlife.

What are your daily tasks at the department? Tell us your most favorite part.

I started a few weeks ago here, so I can only talk about the tasks I did so far. Most of the time, we conduct research on different topics and summarize the outcomes. Another important task is the maintenance of the economic factsheet on GTCC`s website and e-UPDATE, whereby data research and analysis has to be done. At the beginning of my internship, I prepared together with other interns a presentation for a high level policy talk, which was quite challenging and interesting at the same time. Currently, we are evaluating datasets and visualize them for a report. Sometimes there are quite interesting events like trade fairs and seminars; by far the most exciting event for me as of course the glamorous GTCC Gala Night (the photo above was taken there).

What´s your first impression of Thailand/Bangkok? Different from your imagination?

As I mentioned above, it’s not my first time in Thailand. However, some things have changed compared to my first stay. When I studied here at the Ramkhamhaeng University, a military coup occurred and the Prime Minister has been discharged since then. Bangkok’s citizens were furious and bombs exploded in Bangkok during that time. Unfortunately, a few bombs exploded again in Bangkok since I am back in Thailand, which awakes bad memories. Furthermore, clubs currently close early (at 2am, just a few late night clubs have the permission to open until 4am) due to the one year`s national mourning (thus, I would recommend to start the party-night earlier than it is usual in Germany). Another surprise is that the government plans to ban street-food vendors.

What do you want to do and see during your time here?

I am thinking about a trip to the Isaan. It is located in the northeast and considered as Thailand’s poorest region where most people are still working in the traditional agricultural sector. After exploring the landscape, I plan to head forward to Laos for a visa extension. Alongside traveling and enjoying Bangkok’s vibrant life, I want to gain practical experience and a deeper impression of bilateral business practices as well as their interaction between different cultures. Moreover, I would like to fulfill tasks as writing an economic report and to obtain data for my master thesis.


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