Welcome Sue from Groitzsch!

Name: Thuy Duong Nguyen (Sue)
Department: Membership, Events and Communication Department
Internship Period: 01.07. – 31.08.2017
Motto: Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. (Walt Whitman)

What are your expectations from an internship with GTCC? Why did you choose to do your internship in Thailand, not Vietnam?

When I was 16, I had a long-stay experience in another country without my parents for the first time. That was when I started to develop the desire to travel the world. I always have been attracted to Asia, not only because I have family in Vietnam, where I visit almost every summer, but also because I grew up with Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese TV shows and music. I am also fond of Tom Yum soup and Thai Ice Tea.

I have been to Bangkok two times as a tourist but each time only for a few days and I feel I haven’t seen and experienced enough. During my studies I met two friends, who have completed their internships at the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce. They told me about their memorable time and adventures here and that was the moment when I decided to apply for an internship in Thailand instead of Vietnam. Working for GTCC entails many opportunities: experiencing working life in an intercultural organization, getting in contact with important business people from various industries, that normally wouldn’t be possible that easily, and completing interesting tasks that sometimes require leaving one’s comfort zone. Therefore, I hope that after my internship at GTCC I will be more confident about my future path.

What did you do before you came here?

I completed my Bachelor Degree at the University of Mannheim in Business Administration and decided to do a gap year between my Bachelor and Master studies to gain more practical experiences. At that time I was looking for an opportunity in South Korea as I have fallen in love with that country during my exchange semester and had kind of a “homesick” feeling. However, destiny somehow brought me to Singapore, where I stayed and worked for 6 months. I shared my room with another Filipino girl and learned how to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I have to admit that I did not like Singapore in the beginning, because I kept comparing it to Korea. But, I ended up loving this country because it proved that people from different religions can live peacefully together. At the moment, I am in the third semester of my Master’s studies at the Copenhagen Business School. Since Copenhagen is also insanely expensive, I have to work as a student assistant at MAN Diesel & Turbo to finance my studies.

What do you want to do and see during your time here?

I want to see more from Bangkok and Thailand, try out more street food restaurants, make friends with the local people and get a deeper understanding of the Thai culture. Another aim of mine was to visit Myanmar, which I did a few weeks ago. Myanmar was one of the most beautiful countries I have been so far with respect to its landscapes and ancient architectural masterpieces.

 What´s the best mistake you have ever made?

Finding a job in Denmark is not easy, especially when you cannot speak the local language. I was lucky to be invited to an interview with MAN Diesel & Turbo and the first question was: “What do you know about engines?” Certainly, I was not expecting this question and therefore had two options: Either I talked around the topic and hoped that they wouldn’t notice that I had no clue about engines and all this technical stuff or I just said the truth. Finally, I decided for the latter and said with confidence: “Not much, I know how it looks like”. I soon regretted that answer and thought that they would never contact me again. But in reality that answer was the reason why I got the job because they needed someone who understands only little about the technical aspect but is able to commercialize it.  This taught me that a mistake could turn to be an opportunity.


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