My New Experience at GTCC Young Professionals Event

Only two weeks after the beginning of my internship I was invited to moderate the GTCC Young Professionals Event on “New Business Models for a Healthy Lifestyle” together with my Thai college Don.  Don and I conducted a live interview with two successful entrepreneurs in the field of health products and services in front of over 100 participants. They gave insight into the current trends of healthy lifestyles in Thailand and the future development and opportunities, as well as stressing the importance of achieving a healthy lifestyle in the modern business world.

In general, I really enjoyed the event! It was super exciting to get tips from experts in the field and information on their entrepreneurial journey. I learned that the health trend in Thailand is on the rise and that there is potential for a lot of growth in this sector. Just before the event I was quite nervous to be honest, as I had never talked in front of so many people. However, once the interview started I was surprisingly relaxed and almost forgot that there were so many people in the room. The best part of the evening was of course the ‘lucky draw’, which we handed out some great topic related prizes by choosing the winners from a raffle. I was quite sad that I could not participate myself, as the prizes were really nice!

After the lucky draw it was time for networking. It was a great opportunity to talk to people who are currently working full-time in Thailand and to learn about their experiences. To my astonishment there were a lot of entrepreneurs who saw a niche in the Thai market and took their chance here. They told us about how the networking events organized by the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce is really important for them to gain new contacts, as networking isn’t practiced as much in Thailand as in over places (something I didn’t know before).

Some important tips when exchanging your business card:

  • Take the cards with both hands
  • Actually look at the card
  • Say thank you
  • Keep the card in your hands for a while

After the event we continued onto the Bangkok nightlife with some people of the people met. However, more on that in another post…

Noelle J 🙂


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