Welcome Katharina from Frankfurt

Name: Katharina Michèle Schröder

Department: Memberships, Event & Communications

Internship Period: 01 September – 30 November 2017

Motto: “Life makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn.”

Tell us about your hometown and the region

My hometown Frankfurt in Germany is a big city, but not as big as Bangkok. It is an important metropolis, especially for bankers because of the bourse. I am living in the city but it is also adjacent to forest “Scheerwald”. It is nice to have two different areas nearby. Not far from the City we also have a lot of green fields and other forests. Thus, it is convenient to escape the busy city. This is what I regard highly about this city. Through the middle of Frankfurt flows a river named “Main”. On sunny days you can sit nearby the main and enjoy the sun with friends.

Why did you choose to come to Thailand and have your internship experience with the GTCC?

I love Asia especially Thailand, and for many of years I have visited all the beautiful parts that Asia has to offer. So that’s the reason I chose Bangkok for my internship, I have never been here before . Furthermore, I see a unique possibility to get experiences in a diverse culture and environment.

The GTCC is very interesting for me to get an insight into the bilateral trade relations between Thailand and Germany. Additionally I would like to learn more about the activities concerning events and communications at the Department.

What strengths you will bring to support GTCCs Memberships, Events and Communications Department?

I’m very open minded and teamwork-oriented. Especially I’m interested in working with different kinds of people in multiple situations. It’s easy for me to integrate quickly in unfamiliar situations or groups. I think that is good to develop myself in the future.

What is the most surprising thing you have experienced in Thailand?

Thailand is a very exciting country and has so much to offer. It’s hard to decide what is the most surprising thing I’ve ever experienced here. I have already visited a few places in Thailand and I’ve been in Bangkok for a week now (and for the first time), and I think this city is the most surprising thing. The gap between poor and rich is very close. For example, the AIA Sathorn Tower is so big and contemporary in the middle of many skyscrapers. Between these towers there are little alleys filled with a lot people who live like in shacks. This is what makes me very astonished. Before I came here, some people told me that Bangkok is dirty and ugly, some of them even said “Either you love or hate Bangkok”. That made me afraid to come and stay here for 3 months. But finally I’m pleasantly surprised by the city, I feel very comfortable and I’m now happy to be here!



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