Welcome Esra from Frankfurt

Name: Esra Emily Kokesch

Department: Consultancy Services

Internship Period: 01. September – 30. November 2017

Motto: “Take the risk or lose the chance”

Why did you choose the Consultancy department? What do you expect from your internship with GTCC?

I chose the consultancy department because I like being in direct contact with people or customers and I really like to do some research and preparing content for important information. I also like to write reports for consulting appointments. My target with this internship is to gain new experiences and find out my potential in this field and I also would like to experience the work environment in Thailand because I also can explore opportunities and possibilities work in Asia in the future. I hope to learn how the German Thai chamber of commerce supports companies on the market entry and which conditions are needed. At the same time, I also hope to improve my English skills.

Could you describe your personality and strong points to make you successful?

I would describe myself as a very ambitious and open-minded person. I do not hesitate to take responsibility and I never give up when facing challenges and will definitely do my best. In addition I implement my work very carefully and tidy. One German characteristic I really have is that I am always on time.

Tell us 3 good and 3 bad things you experienced in Thailand

One bad thing is that it is very hot outside but if you go to the office or malls, in contrast, it is so cold that you really need a jacket. Another bad thing is the smog and that you are always stuck in traffic if you go somewhere by car.  Another thing is that I saw slaughtered cows full of blood near my apartment at my first day in Bangkok.

For the good aspect, it is always warm outside no matter which time and you can just wear a short and a t-shirt if you go out. What I really appreciate is that Thai people are always happy. They are so kind and helpful and they are so warm to you even if they don’t know you well. Another good thing is that Bangkok has so much to offer, such as many nice night markets and very good Thai food.

What´s the best mistake you have ever made?

After my graduation in school I decided to go to Miami for three month. But when it was time to go there, I didn’t want to leave my family and friends and I didn’t feel like to stay there for so long. I really regretted my decision and thought it was a big mistake at this time. But when I was there, it became my best decision and I didn’t want to leave Miami.


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