Welcome Ailyn from Berlin!

Name: Ailyn Arnold

Internship Period: 02 January – 31 March 2018

Department: Membership, Events and Communication

Motto: Be happy!

  • Why did you decide to do an internship in Asia?

For a long time I have been fascinated by the variety of Southeast Asia with its overwhelming culture, temples, Buddhism and the way of life. The Country of smiles, which is characterized by the mixture of the Indian, Chinese and Cambodian culture and where the Buddhism is deep-rooted in society and every single Thai fascinated me. Finally, I decided to apply for an internship in the most populous city of Thailand, Bangkok.

  • What’s your first impression of Thailand/ Bangkok?

Bangkok is the biggest, loudest and fullest city I have ever been to. Apart from that the Thais are the most fun-loving and politest people I have ever met, they are so open-minded and helpful to others. Before I arrived here I thought Bangkok would be a culture shock to me but I feel very comfortable now. And one thing I especially love is that you get everything everywhere and at anytime. For example, I can get fresh fruits from streets at midnight.

  • What do you expect to learn from GTCC?

I applied my internship at GTCC’s Membership, Event & Communications Department because this is the section where the international cooperation begins. The practical insight into international cooperation, bilateral relations and enterprising processes will not only strengthen my existing professional qualifications but rather my practical experiences to handle relations, communications and processes with a different culture in a different environment. Furthermore this enables me to collect research material for my Master’s thesis and level up my language skills in response to my activities and tasks.

  • What did you do before you came here?

At the moment I am completing my Master´s degree program in Political Science with focus on Area Studies at the University of Rostock, Germany. Before these studies I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Science with focus on philosophy and history at the Open University Hagen, Germany. During this distance learning I also worked simultaneously and developed myself successfully in my professional skills. I worked as a part time employee and finally as a full time assistant store manager trainee. Through these years I passed many steps which enhance my expertise in a wide range of soft and hard skills.

  • What are your strength and weaknesses?

One of my best strength is that I always try to stay fair. Another is that I am very well-structured. And I think I have two enormous weaknesses. First of all I am always on time and I hate to be late. That is so German. Second, definitely chocolate!

  • What will be your four main activities after your internship with GTCC?

After my internship I will travel around in Thailand with my sister, her boyfriend and a friend of mine for at least three weeks. Then I will visit my family and friends in Berlin. Afterwards I will go back to Rostock and write my Master’s thesis and complete my last semester at Rostock University. At last I will travel to Spain in September and just relax in the sun.


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