Welcome “Bam” from Bangkok!

Name: Natcha Naranuwat (Bam)
Department: Membership, Events and Communication Department
Internship Period: 8 January – 4 May 2018
Motto: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

If you could be a guide for one day, where in Bangkok you would take your foreign friends to?
First, I would suggest my friends to visit the Grand Palace of “Wat Phra Kaew” in the morning. Due to its cultural significance, it is one of the most visited places in Bangkok. Then I will guide them to explore the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (opposite to MBK Shopping Mall) to see Thai contemporary arts exhibition. I think we could take cool photos there. After that we can go shopping at Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Central World or go further to Chatuchak Weekend Market. There are many different products such as clothes, books, souvenirs, furnitures etc. In the evening, there is a night market next to Chatuchak Market called JJ Green. It is one of Bangkok’s best night markets, where we can hang out, eat and shopping with friends.

How was your experience in Austria? Tell us something most & least impressive.
When I was 16, I went to Austria as an exchange student in order to learn more about different culture and German language. Definitely I needed to take a comprehensive English language test and take part in face-to-face interviews .  I chose to go to Austria instead of Germany because Germany was most students’ choice already. As Austria is Germany’s neighbor, people also speak German. Austria became my best choice.

In a foreign country, everything was new to me – foods, language, people, weather and culture. All of them impressed me. But the most impressive about Austria is that it was my first time experiencing the real winter and Christmas and…snow!!. I was so excited when encountering the first snow.

The least impressive thing is the fact that shops are closed on Sunday. In Thailand, people keep shopping in the weekend. But Sunday in Austria is too quiet. Since I was born and raised  in colorful and lively Bangkok, it is quite strange to me and I am not used to it.

After spending 10 months there, my life changed quite a lot. I would like to thank everything that happened to me and the support from my family. I learned how to live without my family for the first time and become stronger. There is no right or wrong, but just the difference of cultures.

What are you studying? Tell us about your department and university.
I’m currently studying German as a major subject at Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus, located in Bangkok. It is Thailand’s third oldest university and the oldest agricultural university in Thailand, established on 2 February 1943, to promote subjects related to agricultural science. Nowadays Kasetsart University has expanded its subject areas from agriculture to economic, business administration, veterinary medicine, engineering, science, social sciences, humanities, education, and architecture. The German department is part of the Faculty of Humanities and is not a big department. There are only 4 Thai docents and 2 German docents. We live like a family. We can talk openly to the docents like our family members.

Your plan after graduation
I will finish my Bachelor’s in May this year. My plan after graduation is not special. I will get my first job after studying for 20 years and I will learn how to drive a car. It’s time to begin the new chapter of my life.


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