Welcome Tilman from Düsseldorf

Name: Tilman Henschke

Internship Period: January 15th – June 15th 2018

Department: Consultancy Services & Membership, Events and Communication

Motto: “It is always good to be a little brak!” – S.B.

Tell us about your home town and university

Düsseldorf is a modern city located along the Rhine River and the capital of the state North-Rhine Westphalia. It is famous for its art and fashion scene as well as the largest Japanese community in Europe. Thus, there are amazing places to enjoy Japanese cuisine alongside with the traditional German restaurants that sell Düsseldorf’s special beer “Alt”. My University is in the South of the Netherlands , in a town called Maastricht. It has one of the best business and economics schools worldwide for universities which are under 50 years old. Furthermore, Maastricht University has a great diversity of students and incorporates the unique Problem Based Learning Approach, which focuses on small group tutorials rather than lectures.

What do you expect to learn from two departments at GTCC and what would you contribute to both departments?

I believe that the Consultancy Services Department of GTCC will teach me a lot about international co-operation as well as business relations. Additionally, I am convinced that I will be able to improve my skills in market research and consulting activities. Due to my prior work experience and studies I can contribute knowledge to the department. When I transfer to the Membership, Events and Communication Department I think I will be confronted with totally different tasks that will require a different set of skills. I believe my good feeling for responsibility and time management will be crucial. It will help to learn more about member communication, networking and event planning.

What do you feel fascinated by developing countries you have visited?

Before Thailand, the only developing country I have visited so far is Rwanda. In the summer of 2017 I was amazed by the Rwandan culture and its people. Even though they may have had a troubled past, local people are very positive and motivated to help the country develop. In many cases, Rwanda is already ahead of many other developing countries. For instance, Kigali, the capital, is considered a very clean and safe city because the government is strongly supporting affordable housing and there is a universal ban on plastic bags. Speaking of developing countries generally, I believe it is great to experience new cultures and different styles of living. Specifically, a country’s tradition and history are fascinating to explore.

How do you prioritize your tasks?

Usually, I start with tasks which interest me the most. Depending on how much time I have to complete a task I will start working with the one that has the earliest deadline. Nevertheless, I have the same problem as many other people that I have a tendency to procrastinate. However, as I am typically very quick in fulfilling tasks I always manage to finish the tasks I was given.

What inspired you to come to Bangkok/Thailand?

I believe Thailand is a very interesting country to look at in terms of growing economic development in the ASEAN region. Even though many people only know Thailand for its tourism, I believe there is much more to discover about Thailand. Bangkok has become a bustling city which attracts more and more international companies. Multinational enterprises that want to enter the South-East Asian market cannot overlook Thailand’s potential and already existing capacities. As a current economics student with a special interest in politics and international relations, I was very intrigued by Thailand’s development over the past 50 years and I wanted to gain first-hand insights.

How would you describe yourself?

I always have trouble with describing myself because I feel like it sounds artificial, so I would need to rely on what people typically say about me. In general, I am perceived as a humorous and loyal person who can be trusted in every manner. I am always respectful and usually have good relationships with everyone. Sometimes, I may be very direct or determining but I never have bad intentions when I act that way.  I am very quickly interested in any kind of topic, e.g. business or politics related, and thrive to learn more about it. Whatever I do, I usually do it with a lot of concentration and speed. Thus, I can get very passionate about work related tasks or sports. For that reason, I flourish when working in a team.


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