Welcome “Jam” from Chumphon

Name: Napasorn  Jeerapa  (Jam)

Department: Trade Fairs

Internship Period:  8 January – 4 May 2018

Motto: It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but ourselves.

Talking about your home town

I come from a quite small province in the South of Thailand, called “Chumphon”. Chumphon is considered a gateway to other southern provinces as well as the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, particularly “Koh Tao”. The western Chumphon borders Myanmar, while the east of the province consist of numerous beaches along with more than 200 kilometers of coastline. Here is also a beach, Hat Sai Ree, famous for its beautiful underwater world of various marine lives.

What are your goals after graduations?

After graduation, I plan to travel before applying for a job. I have found one program, so-called “Work and Travel” in America which can complete my plan. So, I decide to go for it for 4 months, around June -September  in 2018. After that, I will apply for a right job and may do it for 2-3 years. When I have enough money, I will study in a Master’s Degree, very likely in tourism.

Tell me about the most exciting experiences of your life

Last year, my friends and I were volunteers for the Kasetsart Dormitory Rural Development Camp in Phetchaburi. We built a sport field for students in a poor school. We also taught them some subjects. However, we had to plan a lot before joining the camp. At first, we had no money to start the camp, so we had to find the supporters. We did everything for fundraising such as selling food and drink, and busking. Although there is a lot of challenges in proceeding the activity, I have learned that I cannot give up. When the camp started, we had to work hard, from the morning to midnight for 7 days, in order to finish the work in time. We were very exhausted and some of us even felt hopeless. But, the villagers were very kind. We felt grateful that they prepared food and dessert for us. Nowadays it is hard to find kindness like this in our society.

What I have learned more from this camp is sharing and being open minded. I have realized that not many people got this kind of chance. Moreover, it taught me to help other people, and let them walk together with me. I’m so proud that this is not just a simple donation, but I have built this camp by myself. The villagers’ smiles made me very happy and not tired of hard working.

If you were afraid of nothing, what would you do?

I would travel around the world by myself to meet new people, taste new foods and do new things. I would not be worried too much about the future or care about what other people look at me. I would just go out and leave everything behind. Then, I would do a crazy activity, and become less shy.


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