Welcome “Phat” from Bangkok!

Name: Nathakorn Chatkobkul (Phat)

Department: Trade Fair

Internship Period:  1 June – 30 August 2018

Motto: You might not be the best, but you can do your best.

Why did you choose to take German Studies and Economics at Chulalongkorn University?

Honestly, I decided to go for German Studies, because I simply enjoy learning German and everything about Germany. They never bore me. Moreover, I have learned German since the tenth grade. It would be a waste if I abandoned it. Another factor is that Chulalongkorn University is the best place for studying humanities in Thailand.

Economics might sound crazy for a math-hater like me. Surprisingly though, I do love Economics as much as German. As a humanities student, I have found that economics could be one of many tools which can apprehend the nature of humans, such as their decisions, preferences and behaviours. Finally, I believe that economics knowledge can utilise German language skills for my career opportunities in the future.

What do you expect from the GTCC internship?

After I got tasks briefing at the GTCC during the orientation, I expect to improve my practical language knowledge (both English and German) as well as communicative and teamwork skills from the internship at the trade fairs department. Most importantly, I am keen on experiencing a real work-life which is not a kind of making coffee and photocopying documents like what I heard from other offices. I hope to take on challenging tasks that wait for me everyday.

What is your goal after completing the internship at the GTCC?

Right after finishing the internship, I plan to further my knowledge and experience in new things like different culture and foreign friends, as an exchange student at the Faculty of Languages and Literatures, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich for a semester. After that, I aim to complete my study at Chulalongkorn University in the next two years (2020) and find a right job. Actually I have not decided about the job yet. The main reason is that I do not want to restrict my future plan. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?


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