Welcome Niklas from Delmenhorst!

Name: Niklas Schulte

Internship period: 01/06/2018 – 30/09/2018

Department: Membership, Events and Communication

Motto: Open your eyes, be curious and laugh a lot!


Tell us about your past studies in Germany:

I studied Business Administration and Economics in Bielefeld and moved to Leipzig for a master programme in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. I have already handed in my master’s thesis and will receive my results shortly. Since I am still a student until the end of September, I wanted to seize the opportunity to do an internship in Bangkok.

As we know this is your very first time in Asia, what attracted you to come to Thailand and do an internship here instead of in another country?

I was always certain about going abroad after finishing my studies and wanted to experience a cultural change and a different environment. At the beginning, working in Southeast Asia came to my mind after I met many loving and friendly people from that region in my previous job. Shortly after that, the idea of moving to Bangkok popped up. Bangkok fascinated me both in terms of size and the economic importance of the city in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, changing the country of normally quite moody Germans to a country full of smiling Thais sounded a good idea back then. After moving to Thailand I can tell you that their smiles put a smile on your face too!  

Germany and Thailand are a world apart, in term of distance and culture. What characteristics of Thailand that you find distinctly different from Germany?

The atmosphere you experience in working environment and that on the streets is, in my mind, completely different. Colleagues are more than just colleagues in Thailand, compared to those in Germany. The spirit going around in Thailand also fills your veins with joy and happiness and it is putting you into a good mood. 

What do you want to attain from your internship and your stay in Thailand?  

Since I am really interested into cultural differences I want to get a better mindset for intercultural interaction both in terms of working and living. Living in Bangkok offers me a great opportunity to experience this interaction firsthand and I am also glad to leave my studies behind for a while and free my mind.  


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