A joyful three-month working journey with the GTCC

Name: Nathakorn Chatkobkul

Internship Period: 01 June 2018 – 31 August 2018

Departments: Trade Fairs

Unlike most interns, I do not have any obligation from my faculty’s requirement to work in a corporate as an intern to complete my study. Thus, I decided to join a Trade Fairs Team at the GTCC by myself to make the most of my four-month holiday, before leaving Thailand for my study in Munich for a semester.

And I do not regret sending the internship application and being here. I enjoy most of the time I have spent at the chamber. My assignments are quiet challenging and keep improving my skills, such as, exhibiting in BIOFACH South East Asia, translating trading documents and accompanying a negotiation between business counterparts. Especially a meeting of the Young Professionals, I was so proud and glad to take part in the discussion and sharing ideas for the next two YP networking nights regarding the topics of events and speakers, although it is not my main task in the trade fairs section.  However, there are some tasks I do not like such as updating the database. This type of works always bores me, because I am not the person who can endure sitting in front of a display for many hours.

Moreover, I have been experiencing the “authentic” working life, where everyone has to get up early and suffers the terribly bad traffic of the capital city, keeps working so hard from 9 to 6, suffers the traffic again and finally finds out that I have only a little free time to enjoy before sleep. Despite my deep understanding that this is a natural way of life, I hate it anyway. I also experience how people working in an office, networking with others and, of course, office syndrome.

The thing that I like most at the GTCC is, that everyone is nice and friendly. They are always helpful, not only in supporting me on working challenges but also trivial issues. Even trainee colleagues, they help me a lot, like transferring my host-university’s course fee! We all hang out and enjoy talking, eating and traveling almost every weekend. I am so glad that the chamber offers both, worthwhile experiences and unforgettable friendship. For me, this internship is more than just about work; it is one of the journeys of life.



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