Welcome, Sonja from Nördlingen!

Name: Sonja Offinger

Department: Membership, Event & Communications

Internship Period: 02/01/2019 – 31/03/2019

Motto: The things that make me different are the things that make me.

It seems that you had been in Australia for a long time. What do you like about the country?

Yes, I lived in Australia for a while and it is a place – especially Sydney – which is very dear to me. I love the lifestyle in Sydney. So much happens outdoors. Everyone exercises and tries to live a healthy life. They go for a swim before heading to work. The weather is usually sunny and warm. The “winter” is short. The café culture is splendid. Plenty of excellent restaurants offer delicious food from all over the world. The Sydneysiders, I encountered, were genuinely welcoming and open-minded. The city offers a wide range of cultural activities and I guess everyone can find something there that they love.

How would you introduce your hometown and university in 3 sentences each?

My hometown is tiny and known because it is situated in a meteor crater and has a fully walkable medieval town wall. Most inhabitants, I feel, are very down to earth and clocks are ticking slowly. On Sundays, usually everybody is at the football ground at 3 pm.

My university is in Regensburg, a traditional university town in Bavaria. It’s a very modern and new university. What I love most about the city, is its river the “Donau” — in summer everyone sits along its banks, to catch up with friends, hang out, and to have a drink.

Why did you decide to take an internship in Thailand after a long stay in Australia? What do you expect from GTCC internship?

To obtain a degree in my study programme, all students are obliged to study abroad for one semester and complete an internship abroad for 20 weeks. I decided to focus on Asia since the 21st century might be the Asian century. I choose Thailand because I was here before, and I liked it a lot. From the internship, I expect to gain more practical skills, e.g. learning how CRM in practice works, how to create content for Social Media and other platforms and how to promote events. Further, I hope to take home with me, insights on the Thai economic situation, the threats and opportunities German companies face in Thailand. On a broader scale, the internship, I believe, offers me glimpses at prospective career opportunities.

How many Thai friends you have? What do you learn from them?

On my very first day I met Peang. She studies in Chiang Mai and is also an intern at GTCC. We get along great, we love exploring the city and take weekend trips together. She introduced me to her friends, taught me some Thai and encourages me to try all different types of Thai food. We often discuss cultural differences between Thais and Germans and life in general. I feel that, through her, I more fully immerse myself into Thai culture.


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