Sleepless in Bangkok

Considering personal targets in life, everyone determines different ambitions. In which direction you want to throw yourself is up to you and reflects the magical varieties human beings possess. Speaking for myself, after graduating with the Bachelor’s Degree I was eager to gain more professional experience, preferably abroad. Hence, the desire to ‘transform it into reality’ led to a seat in the airplane towards Bangkok. … Continue reading Sleepless in Bangkok

“Muay Thai” note to myself: Keep yourself covered!

After having practiced Muay Thai in Germany for a year, I pursued my intentions to reinvigorate my skills in Thailand, where I could learn from the best – I thought so. So I teamed up with Rubiga, whom I know from my University, and Julia, who lives in my apartment complex in Bangkok. We went to 66 Urban Boxing, a gym which is situated just … Continue reading “Muay Thai” note to myself: Keep yourself covered!

Bangkok – A City of Contrasts

Since the first week of living in Bangkok one issue caught my eye: Bangkok is a city which appears to unite so many contrasts. To give you an example, I would like to show you my everyday walk to the office. I start my way by leaving a neat apartment which is entirely occupied by Europeans. Walking down the alley, I almost only pass simply-dressed … Continue reading Bangkok – A City of Contrasts