Sleepless in Bangkok

Considering personal targets in life, everyone determines different ambitions. In which direction you want to throw yourself is up to you and reflects the magical varieties human beings possess. Speaking for myself, after graduating with the Bachelor’s Degree I was eager to gain more professional experience, preferably abroad. Hence, the desire to ‘transform it into reality’ led to a seat in the airplane towards Bangkok. … Continue reading Sleepless in Bangkok

Welcome Pompaem from Korat!

Name: Siriwan Sura (Pompaem) Department: Trade Fairs Internship Period: 1 June – 31 July 2017 Motto: “Actions speak louder than words” Tell us about your hometown! I was born in a province called Surin, which is located in the Northeast of Thailand. Surin is also well-known as the village of elephants. Adjacent to Cambodia, it has a lot of ancient stone temples, made of red bricks … Continue reading Welcome Pompaem from Korat!

Welcome Noelle from Frankfurt!

Name: Noelle Roemer Department: Consultancy Services Internship Period: 1 July – 31 August 2017 Motto: “Be creative, be useful, be practical, be generous and finish big.” Why did you choose this department? I am currently trying to figure out which field I could envision myself working in the future. Consultancy is one area which interests me a lot. Moreover, as I could see myself working … Continue reading Welcome Noelle from Frankfurt!

Welcome Ansgar from Bad Hersfeld!

Name: Ansgar Schäfer Department: GTDEE Internship Period: 29 May – 30 November 2017 Motto: “Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” Tell us about your hometown! I’m from Bad Hersfeld, a small town in the middle of Germany. You might find it on the return address … Continue reading Welcome Ansgar from Bad Hersfeld!

Welcome Jenny from Nienburg (Saale)

Name: Jenny Kleeblatt Department: Membership, Event & Communications Internship Period: 2 May – 31 August 2017 Motto: “When one door closes, another door opens!” Why did you choose to do an internship at GTCC, no other German Chambers of Commerce in Asia or companies? Before answering this question, I should mention that I have never been to Asia before. The wish for living outside of … Continue reading Welcome Jenny from Nienburg (Saale)

Welcome Malte from Paderborn

Name: Malte Hischemöller Department: Consultancy Services Internship Period: 2 May – 31 July 2017 Motto: “Never underestimate the power of your mind to boost your happiness.” What did you do before you came here? Before I came to Thailand, I finished my last ordinary semester in International Economics and Management at the University of Paderborn. Currently, I write my master thesis about the impacts of … Continue reading Welcome Malte from Paderborn

Songkran 2017 – A tradition in Change: From Spirituality to Massive Water Fights

As most of the interns, I was quiet astonished when my colleagues announced that everyone should get ready for the Office Songkran Blessings, which were supposed to heralding the start of Thailand’s New Year. Although I was aware of the country’s popular water festival, which later definitely surpassed my initial expectations, I got positively surprised when realizing that Songkran is by far more spiritually oriented … Continue reading Songkran 2017 – A tradition in Change: From Spirituality to Massive Water Fights